Who our friends are is a critical part of who we are.  They help to shape our understanding of who we are and who we are becoming.  Our friends have incredibly influence over the quality and direction of our life and of our faith.

Over the next few weeks at Whirlwind, we’re going to be talking about friendship and wrestling with some of these questions…

What makes a good friend?  Who are our close friends?  How are they influencing our lives directly or indirectly?  What impact does our friendships have on our relationship with God?

2018-2019 Teaching Schedule

September 14 – The Unexpected: The Perfect Storm

September 21 – The Unexpected: Christmas in September

September 28 – The Unexpected: The Great Reversal

October 5 –  The Unexpected: Storyteller Night

October 19 –  The Unexpected: Jesus Hates Religion

October 26 – The Unexpected: Righteous Anger

November 2 –  The Unexpected: Jesus Loves Losers

November 16 – The Unexpected: The Servant King

November 30 – The Unexpected: Life Hurts, Jesus Heals

December 7 –  The Unexpected: How to Be a Sell-Out

December 21 –  The Unexpected: Prayer Stations

January 18 – Wisdom: Choose Your Own Adventure


February 15 – Wisdom: Pause!

February 22 – Prayer: Jesus Goggles

March 1 – Prayer: Holy Rest!

March 8 – Prayer: Storyteller Night

March 22 – Ask-the-Pastor Night

March 29 – Healthy Friendships

April 5  – Healthy Friendships

April 26 – Healthy Friendships

May 10 – Prayer Stations

May 17 – The Hot Seat