11 Ways Jesus Shows Us Self-Care

At a recent Presbytery Meeting the speaker, Rev. Jill Duffield, talked about the way Jesus modeled self-care for us in his own life and ministry.  I’ve listed 11 ways, but I haven’t put down the Gospel passages that support it. That’s for you to do, but if you get stuck, I’ll be glad to help!

1.       Jesus prayed and rested.

2.       Jesus spent time with people he loved.

3.       Jesus spent time eating with and talking to people as part of his lifestyle.

4.       Jesus was often interrupted by people—and he tended to their needs.

5.       Jesus enlisted and empowered others.

6.       Jesus engaged with those who disagreed with him.

7.       Jesus attended worship regularly.

8.       Jesus was known to go to parties.

9.       Jesus forgave people.

10.   Jesus kept his focus on God.

11.   Jesus knew his purpose and mission (and could say “no.”)

You are not Jesus! You will get it wrong sometimes. But you are forgiven, and that is good news!