3 Adult Baptisms!

Last Sunday we received new members into our community at Central. Among these new members were 3 adults who were baptized. For a Presbyterian church this is a big deal: since we baptize children, and since many new members are transfers from other churches, adult baptisms can be rare. When we do have an adult baptism it is a sign that we are speaking into the lives of people who are not simply raised here or coming from other churches. And that, Central friends, is exciting stuff!

This is at the heart of our call as a church. For years, Central has not been content to merely be a nice place for Christians to congregate and grow in faith. We are glad to do that, but our call from God is so much more. We are to go into the streets and alleys, roads and country lanes to invite people into God’s Kingdom. (Luke 14:15-24) And, adult baptisms mean that, at least in part, we are doing that.

It looks very different in the lives of different people, but most of the people God touches through our church begin their journey with us because they are your family, workmates, friends, and neighbors. It is your love and service, your example, and your invitation that God uses. The website, good programs, a nice building, and quality services are good, but your witness is essential!

Praise God, with me, for his work among us!

Pastor John