A Heads Up About The “Year of Discernment”

Our Renovate series has brought up that this is a year of discernment for Central Presbyterian Church. I want to give you an overview of the what that will mean for us. This is an exciting time and we look for God to be present in a major way!



The year will begin with a time of listening to God and to each other. We will have special prayer times, special themes for prayer, and we will have weeks together in SGs responding to the Scripture and the sermons regarding the life of Central. Some of the responses to the questions each week will be captured and made available to the Discernment Team (a special group of proven leaders who are planning the special events of this year), Session, and SLT. Some short-term groups will be formed to ask specific questions around evangelism, discipleship, and worship. Later in the fall leaders will be looking at community demographics, area trends and needs, as well as doing a survey on congregational life at Central.


The next stage of the process, which will begin in late fall and go into early winter will be digesting and interpreting what we are learning. Leaders from various different spheres of the life of the congregation will be wrestling with the implications of what we are hearing and seeing. Along the way we will be giving reports to the congregation.


In late winter and early spring we will have the challenge of hearing God’s voice calling us to new patterns of obedience and service. There will be many good ideas that we cannot pursue. But in our conversation with God and each other across the year we expect to develop a clear sense of what’s on God’s heart for Central.


At the start of the new school year in 2017 we will begin to step out into new patterns of ministry. We don’t know what that will be yet. It may affect budgeting, staffing, and the shape of various programs and ministries. But by God’s grace, it will place us on track for effective ministry in the future for Jesus sake!