St Moses Update

A few years back, Central took the dynamic step of faith to fulfill a dream we had for decades: to plant a new church in Baltimore City. We “tithed” our best leadership, commissioning one of our pastors, Ian McFadden, and 50 or more other people, to bring a witness to Jesus Christ to Baltimore near the Johns Hopkins University Campus.

It was a vision for a church that would be multi-ethnic, committed to both the local neighborhoods and to the university community, compassionate and intellectually strong. Above all, it was to be a church committed to the gospel, openly and lovingly sharing our faith.

We sacrificed to make this happen, and that was both a joy an a challenge. So how has it been going? In an era when many church plants don’t make it, what is St Moses like in its third year? A few weeks back, Pastor Ian gave an update. I haven’t included it all here, but hope to give you a taste for the exciting work that is St Mo’s today! (Be sure to check out their Alpha video!)

In many ways this 3rd year of life as a church has been bursting with blessing.  We’ve run Alpha for two semesters now with wonderful traction— major steps of faith, of discipleship and new people joining the church (here’s a taster video).  


God has been developing a hunger for prayer among us collectively and individually.  He’s deepened our relationships with other churches in the city and this past week the Saint Mo’s pastors had the privilege of hosting a 4 day prayer retreat for other pastors and ministry leaders.  Our building renovations are coming along, thanks to a talented team, and we’re regularly able to share our space with other groups.  God is at work. He has been with us. He will be with us. 


In fact, my own sense of God’s hand on Baltimore is increasing.  We don’t yet see all the fruit, but in our prayer meetings we notice greater hunger, more urgency, deeper dependence on God and willingness to collaborate.  So we’re pressing ahead, in the strength that God is providing, with big dreams of what He can do.  We’d love your prayers and help.