An Example of Church Community

A week ago we held a funeral service for a dear church member, Dr. David Hungerford. It was an amazing experience to see an army of volunteers and staff join together to serve the family and a host of guests who came to pay their respects.

I was trying to think of how to thank people and celebrate their efforts, when I realized that emails sent to me and comments made to me had already given me the words. Here is one example:


If you have time tomorrow when staff is gathered, would you please express thanksgiving to EVERYONE?  I know each person contributed to the orchestration of Saturday’s funeral event.  The joyful service radiated the love and the truth of what was shared.  The service genuinely proclaimed to everyone present God’s message, revealed a life able to reflect that good news, and presented the invitation open to all.

In the socializing that took place, there were so many positive comments like, “Your church is wonderful.”  Those statements were not for the building or even the food.  What was outstanding to visitors was the army of gracious people meeting needs, and the evident amount of preparation for the gathering.  People knew where to park, where to put their coats, where to view Hungerford family pictures, where to enter the sanctuary and on and on.  Each element of preparation, of logistics, and hospitality was keenly felt.

I was touched personally by the sacrifices of each staff member and volunteers.  No one would suspect that any of you had anything else on your agenda for days prior.  The day was a beautiful witness to what God accomplishes through His servants.

“The task ahead of us is never as great as the Power behind us.” Central staff proved this is so.

With admiration and gratitude,


I want to add my thanks and admiration! It was an amazing privilege to serve with you all. It was an honor to Christ and Dr. Hungerford, and was a great testimony of what church community can be!

Pastor John