Are you connecting deeply with other Christians?

Simple questions can help us grow. We should ask ourselves these same three discipleship questions over and over:

  1. Are you spending time with Jesus?
  2. Are you connecting deeply with other Christians?
  3. Are you blessing your neighbors?

In September we start with a fresh focus on WOW (Women on Wednesdays), Men’s Ministry and various Small Groups. So, it is a great time to reflect for a moment on question number two – How are you connecting deeply with other Christians?

Many of us do not live near our extended families. Just last week I was talking to someone who had family in California, New England and the Deep South! Your family may be similar. Sure, we call and Facetime with them, but often family is not close for those scary nights when we have to take a child to the emergency room. They are not close enough to chip in when we are so overwhelmed by work, school, and extracurricular activities that we feel like we are always in transit from one event to another. They can’t send that emergency casserole when needed. They might not be the people we want to talk to about our struggles and failures.

For that we need friends. Friends that care. Care enough to drop what they are doing to share our load.

We can make friends anywhere, but God intends church to be foremost among the places we can connect deeply with others. So, are you cooperating with what God wants to do in you? Are you making time for deeper relationships with Christian brothers and sisters?

A place to begin is joining in a small group. There will be a number of groups this year that will be tracking with the sermons (in Luke), and give you a chance to go deeper with Jesus, and each other. As always, there will be groups on other topics, as well. And, if you are in a group already, how can you give those folks a bit more priority in your life?

In those moments when we are scared, lonely, overwhelmed, or just need someone to talk to, we will reap the benefits of having cultivated a few deeper friends at Central. September is a great time to take the next step.