Building Repair Update

News from Jim McClure, our Executive Director of Ministry Support. Jim has been extra busy the last few weeks meeting with all the contractors onsite. Here’s what he has to say:

Have you noticed construction equipment around the building? Have you noticed a new exterior look on the Sanctuary and the front and sides of the Loft building? Well, that represents the great news that at long last we can renovate the long deteriorating exterior of the 1952 and 1957 buildings while doing exterior maintenance and cleanup on the 1997 and 2006/2007 buildings.

This renovation includes: removal of old rotting English Tutor style wood; installing a beautiful new stucco finish to match the other buildings; updating the window glass in the Sanctuary and Route 45; installing allĀ  new windows in the Loft and Pre-K preschool room; cleaning 67 years of grime from the Loft stones and concrete; power washing the other buildings; repairing unsafe steps on the Loft; painting all existing windows frames on the Courtyard; and doing much more of the needed exterior maintenance to those buildings.

With the generous gift from the Fink estate, we were able to release other funds we had been holding for years to complete these projects.

Part of being hospitable to others is having a building that is designed well, is clean, and is in good repair. Thanks, Jim, for heading up this big move forward!