Dreaming Big

Churchs Impact Reaches Beyond Its Walls

Jesus Found Living at Central

Strange Church Crossing Boundaries, Revolutionizing Towson Community

Local Church Inspires Urban Renewal and Hope  

Central Turns Baltimore Upside Down

What would the news say about Central in 2025? Would we be a congregation that inspires these types of headlines?
On Saturday, January 21st, approximately 150 Central folks gathered in the worship space to Dream Big.  As you may recall last fall we completed our first step of discernment through the church-wide renovate series.  At that time people gave input about Central and our life together. At our Saturday event, we started with a distillation of those renovate answers.

Here are some common themes that came through the myriad of responses you gave in the fall. It contains many of our strengths and what makes us tick:

DNA— Committed to the Authority of Scripture. Outreach and Mission. Christ Centered Community. Lay Leadership.

Strengths–Ministry to Children and Teens. Generous Orthodoxy. Planting Ministry. Musical Worship. Generosity.

We then worked collaboratively in small groups.  We were asked to think about Central as a thriving church contributing to the building of Gods kingdom in Baltimore in 2025. What is happening that is new and better? How can we add to and move forward with those strengths?  What new dreams has God placed in the hearts and minds of Central as we move into the next chapter of our existence?  We were asked to think about what characteristics need to be in place today in order for those dreams to come to fruition.

As we thought about our future, we were asked to spend time praying and listening for Gods prompting. What is His invitation to us as members, leaders and Christ followers that could help us pursue this future?   What common themes is God placing on our hearts?

In our last activity, we were asked to think of what each of us could personally do to help make those dreams a reality.  We shared with one another some of the ideas. While no conclusive plan was intended to be developed that day, what we shared exemplified how each one of us has a purpose in our churchs future and how each one of us can do something simple yet significant.

What was exciting about the gathering was the sense of unity and purpose. The above headlines are just a smattering of the many that were written but the prevailing theme was that we continue to be the church that moves people towards Christ. It is only through Christ that change can happen in our own lives and in the lives of our neighbors and city.

Our next task in our process is to spend time with God and pray about all the dreams and themes that have been gathered before we embark on design.  God is beginning to show us the shape and direction that we are to take.  We need to listen to Him for the guidance in the design and development of the strategies that will move people towards Christ in the next decade.

Next steps:

  • Come to the Renovate Service of Discernment on February 25th @ 9am. It will be a space to pray and to surrender our dreams to God.  See how God might speak to you personally through scripture, art, silence, and prayer.
  • Continue praying for our congregation as we move from discovering and dreaming about our future to designing and developing strategies to take our vision into the future.