God is Always Ahead of Us

About a month ago Central held a clothing drive. The concourse and many rooms were full of good quality clothes of every size. People from Grace Beyond the Walls and Helping Up Mission joined us in serving guests who came. But that isn’t all God had in mind: What were we to do with the children’s clothing left at the end of the drive?

The following story came from a Vice Principal at a Baltimore County School.

“A few weeks ago, I sat down to meet with a mother who was struggling with sending her kids to school consistently. Through conversation, it was discovered she and the children recently got out of an abusive household. It was also shared that she was embarrassed to send them because they had no access to clothing that fit A few days later, we received the generous donation of clothing from the Central clothing drive that would benefit many of our students in similar situations. A few individuals from your church also took the time to pick out a selection of clothing specific to the mother and children in need. When I was able to hand them over, she was extremely thankful. She couldn’t believe that such generous people would take time out of their day to help them get back on their feet!”
God is good!