Looking at Easter

About 20 years ago I visited the Grand Canyon. I kept on expecting that somehow I’d be able to see it as we got closer. It’s certainly that way with Pike’s Peak and Mt. Saint Helens.  As it is, we went up a pretty unexciting road. Finally we got to a parking lot, still nothing, so we got out the car and moved out to where we could see the canyon.

And it was one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen! You just can’t get the real feeling of this by talking to someone or by looking at a photograph. Majesty, as far as the eye can see left and right, for miles across, for a mile down, all in amazing color!

What is really amazing is that, if from that spot you look in one direction, you see this magnificent canyon. But if you turn around all you see is the parking lot, a flat plain and some scrubby trees. You’re in the same spot, but what you see is incredibly different.

Our point of view is important. There are some things, even things as big as the Grand Canyon that are hidden until you are right up on the edge of them. And even then you have to be looking the right way to see it!

Well, it’s Easter. But what that means depends entirely on your point of view: where you stand, which way you are looking. If we look at life one way, it’s just a religious holiday. One more day when someone forces you to go to church.

But if we turn around, and look at Easter another way, we can see the incredible, unique splendor of what only God could’ve done. God has done something bigger than sin, bigger than selfishness, and bigger than death!

We believe that what God has done in Christ will make a massive difference to our lives. Christianity is not just a philosophical viewpoint. Not a mind game. God has dealt with sin and death. And that makes all the difference in the world!

When I went to Arizona, I didn’t go there to go to a certain spot, and then only imagine I was seeing this great natural wonder! It’s really there. Mind-boggling, immense and beautiful.

The Grand Canyon is there whether we see it or not. Easter is really there, too. Every bit as big, every bit as real. But you have got to get up close to see it!