The Approaching Election

We are facing the most acrimonious national election in my lifetime. People from all parts of the political spectrum are fearful. News article after news article, post after post, screams in our ears that if our favored candidate doesn’t win all is lost. And more than one person has asked me to weigh in on this.

I’m not a prophet. I can’t predict how decisively bad anyone’s presidency will really be. But I do know that God is sovereign over all. I know, too, that God’s people have faced crises that exceed our own. So here’s my two cents:  Stop blogging, posting, and wringing your hands. And start praying. And I’m not talking about the kind of prayers that say, “God, get my person into office!” I’m talking about biblical prayers. I’m actually talking about praying two Psalms in particular, Psalm 46, and Psalm 62.

Both psalms come in a time of crisis. Both reflect an understanding that there are some things we do not control, but there’s nothing that God does not control. And both struggle with actually trusting God in a world that seems out of control. Read them in their entirety, multiple times. Pray the words until you mean it.

Being involved in the political process is important. One of the great privileges of our democracy is that we get to vote. We get to share our opinions, and debate freely. We can do these things; we should do these things. But if we stop there, we are doing nothing particularly Christian. What is particularly Christian is trusting God, is realizing that our citizenship is in heaven; that we serve a God who raises up leaders and casts them down, a God who judges, but who shows mercy. And keeping God in the center is not automatic. We need to work at it. These two psalms will help.

And whatever happens, God is still on his throne. Jesus stills reigns, and when he returns “every knee will bow and every tongue will confess the he is Lord, to the glory of the Father.”

You do believe that, don’t you?