Pastoral Transition Team Update

Facing the change of pastoral leadership can be a bit scary. One of the things that can make it feel less threatening (apart from praying!) is to understand the process, know who is leading and how, and having a sense of the progress so far.

I have included an update from the Transition Team, so you can be up to date. It is longer than a regular post, but it may have information you have been  wanting.

Pastor John

An Update from the Transition Team!

This summer John shared with us his plan to retire next summer, June 30, 2020 to be exact.  The session has been aware of this timeline for some time, and formed a transition team to guide us through this year and prepare us for the interim period.  The transition team is Kevin Hula, Kristin Monopolis, Jack Weber and Debbie Dininno.

The transition team has 3 major tasks during the next year.

  1. Hire an interim pastor to shepherd us through the next season in the life of our congregation.
  2. Work with a consultant and prepare to implement the Congregational Assessment Tool (CAT) next year.  This tool is designed to provide an in-depth look at the experiences, perceptions and aspirations of a church’s congregation. It is an essential step for any church in transition. More information can be found at Crows Feet Consulting.
  3. Keep the congregation informed as we prepare for and enter into the interim period.

This fall we will be developing a job description for the Interim Pastor Position.  Early in the New Year we will begin the search for an Interim Pastor.

The Presbyterian process requires that we do not begin the search for a new senior pastor until after John’s last day. At that time a Pastoral Nominating Committee (PNC) will be elected by congregation and will be charged with the task to be guided by the Holy Spirit to find our next senior pastor.

Below is an overview of the timeline for the next year.

Pastoral Transition Timeline
Congregation Informed July 2019
Interim Pastor Search / Hire Interim Pastor Winter/Spring 2020
Pastor John’s Retirement Date June 30, 2020
Interim Pastor Starts Summer/Fall 2020
Nominating Committee Prepares Slate for Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC) Summer/Fall 2020
Congregation approve Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC) At a meeting of the Congregation
Conduct Congregational Assessment with the assistance of Crows Feet Consulting


Fall 2020

A team has been formed to care for John and plan his farewell and there will be many opportunities for people to get involved this year as we celebrate John’s service to the Lord and this congregation and wish him well as he retires.  Please contact Luci Davis if you would like to be part of this team.

Over this next year we want to encourage you to continue to pray and care for one another.


The Transition Team
Debbie Dininno
Kevin Hula
Kristin Monopolis
Jack Weber