Update from the Session on the Discernment Process

We are at the end of our Renovate sermon series, but only beginning the process of hearing from God this year. Here is an update from the Session:

Thank you to all who have been involved with a renovate group and in responding to its questions. This is an exciting time, as together we seek God’s guidance for Central’s future. We are still in the “collecting responses” phase but want to let you know what we have found so far.

Current Status:

  • As of October 19, we have received 290 sets of raw comments containing many individual responses.
  • Many suggestions are for improvement within current ministries. All of the responses show your caring heart for the church. These comments will be given to the appropriate staff and ministry for review where they will be carefully assessed, prayed over and implemented as appropriate.
  • Currently we are collating common themes in the responses that are connected with longer-term vision. It is our prayer that these themes will begin to reveal God’s guidance of where He is leading us next.

Next Steps:

  • In the next few months be on the lookout for opportunity for visioning activities- those questions that focus on our church’s future as God envisions it rather than only through our eyes.
  • Keep watch for church-wide prayer experiences – opportunities that prepare us for moving into our God-led future.

Actions for Everyone:

  • Pray (Jeremiah 32:39)
  • Continue the conversation of community with your new renovate group. The groups may be ending soon but hopefully the friendships will not. Be intentional to continue the prayers and friendships from those groups.

For any further discussion, questions or comments, please feel free to contact anyone on the discernment team or current elder.