Consider giving Christmas presents that help others locally and around the world. Select something from this guide for those on your gift list. You will receive an acknowledgment card describing the gifts you select.

  • Step One
    Select gifts to purchase from this guide.
  • Step Two
    Complete the online order form.



  • Step Three
    After payment bring your completed form and payment to Serve!Central to receive your acknowledgment cards.

$15 – Snacks
Provide a week’s worth of snacks for a group of students during the after-school programs.

$50 – Dinner
Provide dinner for a weekly mentoring session when coaches meet with students to play
games, discuss faith and other practical topics related to pursuing authentic manhood.

$70 – Christian Counseling Session
Provide for a counseling session to help students dealing with trauma, behavioral issues, and declining school performance.

$100 – Summer Retreat
Provide partial scholarships for a three-day summer retreat that provides the opportunity to spend time enjoying outdoor activities, building relationships and character as well as exploring God’s truths.


$15 – Transportation to Critical Care Appointments
Provide transportation to and from a doctor’s appointment for a brother or sister who is still waiting for their MTA mobility card. This 3-4 week window is crucial for those leaving the ER and in need of care.

$50 – Supplies for HopeSprings Café
Support JACQUES Initiative clients served at the Café by supplying the pantry with coffee, tea, and oatmeal. Each morning Café volunteers engage in life-giving conversations with clients. Many clients rely on the Café for holistic sustenance.

$75 – Emergency Essentials
Provide basic life essentials and funds for immediate needs for items such as GED applications, supplies to transition brothers and sisters out of temporary to permanent housing, and a host of other emergency costs.

Wa Partnerships

$15 – Christmas Presents
Help throw a Christmas party for the Wa children. Along with tribal dancing, skits, food, the presents of cozy blankets, warm jackets, shoes and socks help extend Jesus’ love to the children.

$65 – School Books and Materials
Provide a child with a year’s worth of educational materials. Education is the core way to empower children and negotiate their protection. These resources are an investment in tomorrow’s leaders in Wa State.

$100 – Emergency Health Fund
Help meet the challenges of children’s medical emergencies. Every year the ground team experiences considerable stress of having insufficient funds to provide for health emergencies. Help build up a designated emergency fund to meet this critical need.

$25 – Household Water Filters
Provide a water filter for a family. Infants die every year simply by not having clean water to drink. These filters not only save children’s lives, they open closed doors to share the Gospel with those who have never known about the Living Water of Jesus Christ.

Faro Project

$15 – Bibles for Youth
Provide a Bible for an incarcerated gang member who attends our program in the teen detention center.

$25 – Classroom Materials
Provide materials and supplies for classes at youth centers, which offer a safe place for students to gather, learn, and belong, free from street gang influence.

$50 – Supplies for Youth Centers
Provide guitars, crafts, games and sports supplies for programs at Christian Youth Centers, which offer a safe place for students to gather, learn and belong, free from street gang influence.

$75 – Youth Outings
Help take teens from at-risk neighborhoods on outings for a day of fun and fellowship.

$100 – Computers
Provide a used computer for a youth center so that youth may learn valuable skills to help them get a job in the future.