Consider giving Christmas presents that help others locally and around the world. Select something from this guide for those on your gift list. You will receive an acknowledgment card describing the gifts you select.

  • Step One
    Select gifts to purchase from this guide.
  • Step Two
    Complete the online order form.


  • Step Three
    After payment bring your completed form and payment to Serve!Central to receive your acknowledgment cards.

$35 – One-Day Retreat
Provide a trip and breakfast/dinner on an A4Y Saturday retreat for students to enjoy a time of fellowship, devotions, service, and fun activities.

$50 – High School Leadership Sessions
Provide a stipend for a high schooler to attend three leadership sessions at Central, which foster Christian leadership through lessons and activities. Stipends offered for attendance, engagement, and completion of projects.

$100 – Summer Retreat
Provide partial scholarships for a three-day summer retreat which provides the opportunity for youth to enjoy outdoor activities, build relationships and character, and explore God’s truths.


$25 – St. Luke’s Church Needle Exchange
Support St. Luke’s Church on the Avenue in Hampden by providing refreshments for those who attend the weekly Wednesday morning needle exchange to reduce the risk of disease spread by dirty needles.

$50 – Supplies for HopeSprings Café
Support JACQUES Initiative clients served at the Café by stocking the pantry with coffee, tea, and oatmeal. Each morning Café volunteers engage in life-giving conversations with clients. Many clients rely on the Café for holistic sustenance.

$75 – Emergency Essentials
Provide basic life essentials and funds for immediate needs for items such as GED applications, supplies to transition brothers and sisters out of temporary to permanent housing, and a host of other emergency costs.

Wa Partnerships

$20 – Supplies for Children’s Home
Provide clothing and personal items for children living in safe houses and help to extend Jesus’ love to them.

$50 – Christmas Presents for Persecuted Families
The church in Wa State has experienced increased persecution in the last several months. These gifts will allow children from persecuted families to celebrate Christmas.

$100 – Relief for Persecuted Families in Wa State
Provide support for displaced families who have been separated or incarcerated because of their faith.

$30 – Household Water Filters
There are still hundreds of Wa villages where infants die every year simply by not having clean water to drink. Water filters not only save children’s lives, but they also open closed doors to share the Gospel.

Faro Project

$15 – Bibles for Youth
Provide a Bible for an incarcerated gang member who attends the Faro Project’s program in the teen detention center.

$50 – Ceramics from Youth Centers
Purchase a piece of ceramic art created by students at a youth center, which offers a safe place to gather, learn, and belong, free from street gang influence. This purchase will help the ceramics project continue. While supplies last!

$75 – Youth Outings
Provide a special activity, lunches and pizza parties with games and prizes, for the teens in the youth detention center.

$100 – Computers
Provide a used computer for a youth center so that youth may learn valuable skills to help them get a job in the future.