Boxes will be collected July & August.

No need to wait, please bring them as soon as you have filled them.


What is Boxes for Cuirim?

Cuirim Outreach gathers boxes filled with gifts from supporters like you. These boxes are driven into Mexico and are the centerpiece of the evangelistic outreach to over 600 children and their families. These boxes are the only gifts these children will receive for Christmas.

What’s the connection?

Central’s High School Ministry sends students and leaders each summer to serve at Cuirim Outreach in Nogales, MX. These gifts are an additional opportunity to support this evangelistic ministry.

Getting Started

  • Get a box kit.

    Pick up a box at Connection Central or Serve Central in the Concourse.

  • Pack a box.

    Purchase items from the list below to pack in the box. Do not tape box closed.

  • Return a box.

    Label (boy or girl) and return the filled box and shipping envelope to Serve Central by the last week of November.

Packing The Box

  • One child’s toothbrush.

  • Pens/pencils/small box of crayons.

  • Pencil sharpener or eraser.

  • Small toys (toy cars, bouncy balls, dolls).

  • New children’s t-shirts or socks (any size).

No food or toothpaste because it can attract bugs during shipping.

Shipping Cost

Enclose $10

Per Box For Shipping

Or Pay Online