Philemon Ministry

The Philemon Ministry is a mentoring community that supports men from incarceration to stable living.

Philemon exists to encourage Christlike behavior in men as they navigate the pitfalls of reentry. The ministry provides men with a context where they can focus on spiritual health, decompression, healthy relationships, acts of service, and financial peace.  If you would like to learn more or volunteer, please go to the Philemon website.

Central has partnered with Philemon for over 10 years, and one way that you can practically make an impact is to write a note of encouragement to a man in the program. Starting over is a difficult process, and your encouragement can make all the difference.

Send correspondence to the Philemon P.O. Box address:

Philemon Ministry

P.O. Box 3517

Baltimore, MD 21214

If you want to use an alternate return address, use:

Central Presbyterian Church c/o Philemon Ministry

7308 York Road

Towson, MD 21204