Outreach Prayer Focus

Prayer focus for September

Coordinating with Central’s September collection project (supplies for resettlement families), prayer issues will focus on World Relief’s Resettlement Program. Through the effort of Central’s Steve and Denise Simms and WR’s Resettlement Office, Central has helped to relocate the Kim family, Dad, Mom and 2 teen sons, from North Korea to Ellicott City, MD. The Kim’s moved from temporary housing into their own apartment at the beginning of this month.

Praise for a smooth transition regarding housing.
Praise for generous donors of furniture and basic supplies.
Praise for people willing to supplement rent expenses.
Praise for a relationship with a local Korean church.
Praise for the Simms’ eagerness in asking, “Who is next?”

Pray for the boys’ comfort and confidence in attending school.
Pray for jobs for the parents, jobs that bring satisfaction.

Pray for Refugees – Pray for the refugees entering the United States, often fleeing persecution or conflict. Pray that they are resettled into compassionate communities, connected to a local church and that they have access to necessary resources and relationships.

Pray for World Relief – Pray for our U.S. offices as they meet the needs of refugees, immigrants and survivors of human trafficking. Pray that World Relief would mobilize churches and communities to effectively serve these vulnerable populations.