March 1-10 | In a Neighborhood Near You

Pancakapalooza is to be a simple and fun opportunity to gather with your neighbors around a meal.  We’ve gathered people into their neighborhoods in several ways at church (Fall Picnic, 50+ gatherings), now we want neighbors to gather off campus, in their neighborhoods.  So we are encouraging these gatherings to happen sometime between March 1-10.

The first objective is to spend time with folks at Central who live around you and build a connection.
The second objective is to begin to dream about how we might serve our neighborhoods together.

So part of the evening will be a fun activity that gets us thinking about the neighborhood where God has placed us–maybe it will look like a neighborhood trivia game or neighborhood bingo–but the point will be to begin to think together about ways we might bless and serve.  (You’ll receive more details on this in the weeks to come).

Enjoy the Mardi Gras tradition of a pancake dinner! Get to know Central people in your neighborhood and begin to imagine making a difference together. Sign up to learn where Pancakapalooza is happening near you.

March 2
Rodgers Forge

March 3 (Lunch)
East Towson/Parkville,

March 3
Timonium (kid friendly!)

March 8
West Towson

March 9

March 9

March 10

March 10