Pastoral Transition

Q: Will the Associate Pastor for Missions our interim or new senior pastor?

The Pastor Nominating Committee will nominate and the congregation will elect the new senior pastor. While an associate pastor technically is allowed by our national polity to become the new senior pastor, in Baltimore Presbytery this is strongly discouraged and rare. The search process designed by the Presbytery allows us to be open to the Holy Spirit’s leading for our next senior pastor. Similarly, Interims are intended to bring outside perspective and extra help to the pastoral team, so Andy will also not serve as the Interim Pastor.

Q: What is the process for hiring an interim Pastor?

The Session has appointed the Transition Team to serve as the Interim Pastor Search Committee, which will:

  • Develop an Interim Pastor job description.
  • Review resumes, interview and select a candidate for Interim Pastor.

Then, the Interim Pastor candidate is approved by the Session and begins service.

Q: How can I have input into the selection of our interim pastor? Will we vote on him or her? Why not?

  • You may submit names of Interim Pastor candidates to the Transition Team
  • The candidate must be an ordained PCUSA Minister in good standing with the PCUSA, and have completed Phase One of Interim Training.
  • The congregation will not vote on the Interim Pastor. It is the defined process by the PCUSA for the Session to appoint interims, and congregation elects permanent pastors.

Q: How long are we likely to have an Interim Pastor?

Interim Pastors usually serve one to one and a half years. Our last interim period at Central lasted three years.

Q: What will be his/her responsibilities/objectives?

The Interim will help maintain the health and life of the congregation and implement changes needed so we are ready for the newly installed pastor.