Survey Results (So Far)


The following areas were recurring themes in the renovate feedback. They are the most talked about strength of Central.

FAMILY MINISTRY is great at Central.

This includes engagement, care and nurture of children from birth through high school (Children’s Ministry, Whirlwind and Storm). Family Ministry is a place where children can belong, believe, and become lifelong followers of Christ.

Central does a great job engaging OUTREACH partners.

Central has on-going support and partnerships with regional and global ministry partners. Central also provides opportunities to learn about ministries and organizations (Lunch & Learns, etc.), to engage in serving (Acts4Youth mentor, HopeSprings Tables, etc.), and to contribute to Central’s outreach partners.

SUNDAY WORSHIP at Central is positive experience.

Central’s adherence to preaching the Word of God, having a focus on prayer, humble leadership, and excellent music.

Central provides a welcoming CONNECTIVE environment.

Central is welcoming to newcomers and offers hospitality. There are a variety of ways to get connected (ie.: Join a Group, Serve in Children’s Ministry).

Central feels like an AUTHENTIC environment.

Examples include: leadership’s transparency, caring for those in times of struggle, attenders are from a variety of backgrounds and experiences.


The following areas were recurring themes in the Renovate feedback. They have been placed in order. Top needing the most attention, bottom needing the least.

Central could do better at equipping people in the area of PERSONAL DISCIPLESHIP.

Focus on spiritual disciplines (prayer, Bible study, fasting, solitude, etc.), and foundations of faith in worship (Lord’s prayer, Apostles Creed, etc.).

Central needs improvement in the area of COMMUNITY EVENTS.

Meals together as a congregation and activities for intergenerational interaction.

Central Needs to be more VULNERABLE and OPEN.

More testimonies from Central people of God in the struggle.

Central could do better in the area of CARE and SUPPORT.

Provide equipping seminars (ie.: Helping Hurting Kids), for those experiencing loss or with chronic needs.

Central’s WORSHIP ENVIRONMENT needs work.

More time for prayer and contemplation in worship, less programmed, reflective.

Central is weak in the area of COMMUNITY OUTREACH.

A lack of direct outreach to colleges or the neighboring communities.

I feel a noticeable tension between CONTEMPORARY and TRADITIONAL WORSHIP environments.

This means a “tension” that is negative or distracting.