A Beacon of Hope in West Baltimore

Back in 1952, Ed Scoggins, a man from our church, walked around a neighborhood in West Baltimore asking God to redeem the hearts of people there. Betty Horn partnered with him to start the Christian Community Center (CCC). They developed deep relationships with those they serve. Today, up to 100 kids attend after school and during the summer.

Through the years, people from Central have provided prayer support, volunteered, and given money, food, and clothing to make this ministry what it is today. They have joined people from many other churches to unselfishly multiply God’s kingdom.

God has done much to show his faithfulness all these years. So many young people and parents have been given a taste of God’s love through the CCC with resources to help with everyday life, and Bible studies to learn about Jesus’ love and how to follow him.

To this day, people of all ages stop by the center to talk about what it has meant for their lives. “You will never know the impact the center had on my life.” “My home life hurt, so I came to experience safety and found Jesus would always be there. I am still sharing with others what I learned here.” “I was destroying my life but I remembered what I heard here, took God’s hand, and returned to follow him. I am in seminary today.” “I came as a single mom worried for our basic needs. As God supplied help for my family my spiritual needs were met too.”

We praise God for the many whose lives were changed and are being changed today. If you’d like to volunteer, contact the CCC at 410-949-4231, or Gail Seward. 

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