A Simple Meal, A Lifelong Impact…

Putting Christ's Love Into Action

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When I had my first baby, I didn’t have any true friends here. My family and close friends were back home, and my husband and I were new in this big city. We didn’t know how to parent. We didn’t know how to raise babies. And we certainly didn’t have any practice in cooking meals while caring for a newborn. This was a whole new experience, and it was overwhelming. 

But we weren’t alone! While we felt like we were navigating new waters, the people at Central knew one thing we needed and organized a Meal Train. Let me tell you, those meals were such a blessing! They were hot and delicious, yes, but more importantly, they made me feel accepted! That I was one of them! People liked (and loved) us, and wanted to step into our chaos to lend a hand. 

This beacon of love led us to join a small group and get involved. That small group has lasted for 17 years! Imagine so much impact just from bringing a meal! The people who cared for us were such loving examples of Christ’s love and how we should love our neighbors. 

Now I’m a Deacon and have been able to show the same love and kindness to others in need for years, Christ’s love in action. 

The Deacons have recently begun a Meal Preparation Team providing meals for families who have had a baby.  

This team is also providing meals to individuals and families in short-term health problems or other unexpected life circumstances. Make a request if you or someone you know could use the blessing of a meal or two.  

All are welcome to join the team to prepare a meal for another family when you are available.


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