Issue 5 | August 2023

Central’s Volleyball Court Fosters Community Connections with High School Team

Several years ago, Richard Ames-Ledbetter noticed two girls in Towson High School t-shirts with a volleyball walking by his house and asked them about their team. Because of COVID, they told him they could no longer practice on the indoor courts at Towson High. As it happens, Richard had built a volleyball court at Central (by the pavilion) for different Central groups to use and offered it to the team.

They told their coach, and soon the team was practicing at Central. “I set up the net, so it’s a chance for me to talk to the parents and get to know them,” Richard said. “They were very appreciative that this church on York Road had provided a place for their girls to practice.”

The team has continued to use the Central volleyball court each summer, and last year held their annual banquet at Central in the Courtyard. At the end of the banquet, volunteers from Philemon Ministry came up to move the tables from the Courtyard to the Worship Center for a Student Ministry dinner that was happening the next day. Richard was able to tell the volleyball families about Central’s support of the Philemon Ministry, a mentoring community that supports men from incarceration into stable living. The parents decided to send home all the leftover food with the Philemon men. 

“It was a great opportunity for people who already appreciated what our church was doing for them to see another one of our ministries in action,” Richard said. “This is a group of parents and teenagers who have a very positive view of what our church is about—helping others.”

A Beacon of Hope in West Baltimore

Back in 1952, Ed Scoggins, a man from our church, walked around a neighborhood in West Baltimore asking God to redeem the hearts of people there. Betty Horn partnered with him to start the Christian Community Center (CCC). They developed deep relationships with those they serve. Today, up to 100 kids attend after school and during the summer.

Through the years, people from Central have provided prayer support, volunteered, and given money, food, and clothing to make this ministry what it is today. They have joined people from many other churches to unselfishly multiply God’s kingdom.

God has done much to show his faithfulness all these years. So many young people and parents have been given a taste of God’s love through the CCC with resources to help with everyday life, and Bible studies to learn about Jesus’ love and how to follow him.

To this day, people of all ages stop by the center to talk about what it has meant for their lives. “You will never know the impact the center had on my life.” “My home life hurt, so I came to experience safety and found Jesus would always be there. I am still sharing with others what I learned here.” “I was destroying my life but I remembered what I heard here, took God’s hand, and returned to follow him. I am in seminary today.” “I came as a single mom worried for our basic needs. As God supplied help for my family my spiritual needs were met too.”

We praise God for the many whose lives were changed and are being changed today. If you’d like to volunteer, contact the CCC at 410-949-4231, or Gail Seward. 

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Summer Bible Camp

Summer Bible Camp at Central is an intergenerational experience – from Camp Kim to SBC week. After SBC Central shared our decorations with 3 churches!

Here are some highlights where over 100 children, 65 student volunteers, and 40 adult volunteers had a blast learning that Jesus guides us through all the twists and turns of life. The theme of the week was from Psalm 25:4, “Make your ways known to me, Lord; Teach me your paths.”

Milestones in August

Central celebrates these special birthdays and anniversaries!

If we missed posting one of your special days, please check your CCB profile to bring it up to date.


August 1 – Dottie Ball

August 2 – Lauren Osgoodby

August 5 – Lance Phillips, Elise Bruner, Andrew Saeli

August 6 – Kimberly Wilkinson

August 7 – Rylee Simmons

August 9 – Steve Farling

August 10 – Sharon Bley

August 11 – Tom Gill, George Kennedy, Jennie John, Mattie Mueller, Lydia Walker

August 12 – Cindy Sprehe, Joe Boecker

August 14 – Pam Wright, Glen Wischhusen

August 15 – Gayle Trepanier

August 16 – Amelia Clark

August 17 – Kathy Salter, Helen Clark

August 18 – Jim Grogan

August 19 – Mitzi Mariella

August 21 – Brian DeMuth

August 22 – Maria Wetherington, Brennan Hula

August 23 – Kris Bailey

August 25 – Sandy Strawhand

August 27 – Joan Smith, Gerard Joab, Kristin Monopolis

August 28 – Rob Smith, Willie Mallonee

August 29 – Greg Smith, Mandi Pusateri, Jon Schmidt

August 30 – Sandra Bissell, Diane Carter, Chad Hylton, Owen McWilliams

August 31 – Megan Hula

Wedding Anniversaries

Aug 1     Barbara & Tom Gill, 42 years

Aug 5     John & Sandy Pilotte, 28 years

Aug 7     Curt & Sally Russell, 41 years

Aug 12   Kris & Charles Bailey, 34 years


Aug 13   Bob & Barb Andrew, 46 years

               Elise & Will Bruner, 12 years

Aug 14    Allison & Justin Gerbereux, 24 years

Aug 17    Peter & Cheryl Belitsos, 38 years

               Mark & Debbie Dininno, 32 years

Aug 19    Abdel & Liz Piedramartel, 17 years

Aug 24    Melissa & Anthony Hammiel, 4 years

Aug 26    Bob & Carolyn Smoes, 56 years

                Pablo & Liz Iglesias, 28 years

Prayer Requests

Please remember the following people in prayer as the Lord leads you.

The Ball & Moorshead Families

The Summers Family

John Doarnberger

Joe Pollitt

Charlotte Butler

Sally Gornik

Keith & Carol Pallante

Kyle Hungerford

Central’s Elders and Deacons

Pastoral Nominating Committee


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Support the team sponsoring a refugee family from the Congo currently in a camp in Malawi. Contact Robin Henderson

Housing Needed

42 year young-at-heart woman & Central member seeks a private room with a full bathroom in Towson. Please contact: Andrea Cook - call or text: (a Virginia area code) 434-238-5199. Thank you!

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