Hear The Inspiring Journey of Dillon and Morganne

If you’ve been to the 9:30 contemporary worship service at Central, you may have noticed a new face on stage playing the guitar, singing, sharing scripture, and leading in prayer. Meet Dillon Mundie, who with his wife Morganne Ottobre moved to Baltimore in August 2021, from Princeton, NJ. Their story together began when they met as students in a Christian fellowship group at the University of Virginia. Both Dillon and Morganne were raised in families that attended church, and they felt their relationship with Jesus deepened while they were at UVA.

In 2018, Dillon and Morganne moved to Princeton, NJ, so Morganne could attend Princeton Theological Seminary. Dillon worked as a data analyst for Bloomberg Finance. In June 2021, after graduating from Princeton but unsure what the future held in academics thanks to Covid, Morganne got the good news that she’d been accepted in the Near Eastern Studies PhD program at Johns Hopkins University, with an emphasis in the Old Testament Hebrew Bible. In August 2021 they were able to find just the right yard in Parkville for their beloved Blue Heeler Charli, with a house to go with it! Dillon made a challenging part-time commute for several months to continue work for Bloomberg until he joined Under Armour in Baltimore as a data analyst. In their spare time, Dillon and Morganne enjoy hikes with Charli, working on their house and garden and supporting the Orioles baseball team as season ticket holders.

Because they were part of a loving congregation at a small PC-USA church in Princeton, Dillon and Morganne googled Presbyterian churches in the Baltimore area and found themselves sitting beside Kim and Doug Turner at Central one Sunday morning. That chance meeting and encouragement from the Turners led them to join the Turner’s small group, where they felt welcomed and supported by new friends. And that was just the beginning! In the fall of 2022, Dillon felt called to join the 9:30 worship team, Morganne joined Kathy Smith’s discipleship committee and has used her Old Testament knowledge to teach adults of all ages in the Lunch and Learn gatherings, and this summer she taught Journey Through the Minor Prophets, Central’s adult education class.

Dillon and Morganne are grateful for the Central family who welcomed them so lovingly and enthusiastically when they were newcomers to Baltimore. An important goal to them is to continue building on those relationships and to grow together as disciples of Christ, both within the Central family and out in our communities. Welcome to Central Dillon and Morganne!

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