INfire – Building Leaders in the Midst of Conflict

Central adopted a people group in Burma/Myanmar in the early 1990s—people primarily unaware of God’s love for them. The Wa have been at war on and off for many years to ensure their independence from other tribes and the government. Children are often forced to fight in their armies. The Wa were chosen because Central wanted to support an indigenous culture. 

One of our partners in this work is Marcus Young, whose family has worked in the region for several generations. Marcus founded the INfire ministry in 1994 to rescue child soldiers and meet their spiritual and educational needs. Persecution has forced INfire to continually adjust outreach strategies to provide safety for the children they serve and families in local churches. 

Currently, the majority of this ethnic church movement is underground and the entire country is embroiled in civil conflict. However, there is hope, found in the children who INfire has served over the decades. Now adults, these second and third generations of local leaders are running a shelter home and school for about 80 children seeking safety from military conscription. They also lead the underground churches and care for the local community.

Below is a portion of INfire’s latest newsletter:

“Dark shadows morph across the cave as candles flicker and flashlights shine. The chatter of voices and children’s laughter echoes through the cave, a testament to their resilience. Faces illuminated by light out of the darkness show fear and excitement. Yes, this is an adventure, but it’s not a cave tour, it’s a cave shelter! As the military conducts air raids, the children we all serve find solace in this underground refuge. Our ministry continues to emphasize the significance of nurturing their resilience and ensuring their safety, for every child needs a chance to flourish, especially in the face of adversity.”

Through Marcus’ messages and visits, Central is more aware of and grateful for those who risk much to follow the Holy Spirit’s guidance to reach vulnerable children.

Marcus was at Central this past Sunday, April 21, 2024. Check out this clip from the service. 

Below a few stories taken from the InFire website, to learn more about Infire, visit

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