Kathie Phillips: Guiding the Future, One Faithful Step at a Time

Kathie Phillips has fulfilled vital positions in the Children’s Ministry at Central for 12 years. She was first hired as the Elementary Associate Director for second through fifth-grade children in 2011. Two years later, Kathie was promoted to the Director for Central Kids for ages birth to fifth grade. Kathie’s dedication and expertise were once again recognized as she was promoted to NextGen Director in 2021, supervising Central Kids, Whirlwind (middle school), and Storm (high school).

Kathie’s passion for helping children develop faith in Jesus Christ began when she was a young child. Kathie accepted Christ when she was only seven years old at a neighborhood church. A few years later, Kathie and her family attended a Baptist church where she loved attending Sunday School. Kathie explains that these Sunday School experiences were the “introduction to her life’s work.” Kathie then joined a group called Child Evangelism Fellowship where her faith grew, and she cherished her relationships with adult mentors.

Kathie believes that intergenerational experiences like NextGen activities and Summer Bible Camp inspire all generations to grow in their faith and spread God’s love. She loves seeing a senior member of the congregation engaging with children.

Kathie is passionate about advancing God’s kingdom by “influencing the influencers.” Kathie explains that she works with the “greatest team,” and she gives the parents and volunteers tools to guide the youth. Her team uses these tools and are the boots on the ground in the NextGen Ministry.

Kathie’s love and respect for children and students is paramount. She explained that adults often see themselves as evangelizing to children, but Kathie says that “Kids can do great things for God! Kids are the church for today, not tomorrow.”

In addition to her work at Central, Kathie has written a published book: Top 50 Object Lessons, Games and Activities, and is currently writing: Top 50 Women of God, which will be available in 2024.

Want to join the team? 

We are always looking for faithful team members to join the team. 

At the November 10th service we prayed and asked God to provide 10 people to serve with us in Central Kids to ensure we could provide adequate care and relationships to the children God sends to us each week. We are grateful for God's generous provision, as He provided 17 adults and students. We have spent the past 6 weeks onboarding these wonderful people to our team. Thank you, Central, for responding to the call to serve our kids and their families!
- Kathie Phillips
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