Love Mail

Have you noticed how much junk is in the mail today? Rarely anything inspiring. But occasionally, once in a while, there is a handwritten note. Words of love and encouragement are there in black and white, in your hand to be read and reread as much as you’d like, then set on display or saved for later to warm your heart again.

This is the gift of Barbara Andrew, one of Central’s Deacons. Barb writes notes of encouragement, empathy, sympathy, and celebration to help support the body of our church. She writes to lift up those in crisis, but also to encourage those affected by having friends in crisis. Such was the gift of Barb’s note to a fellow deacon when her friends were struggling through a hard time, and by proxy this deacon was also having a hard time and feeling the pain of her friends. A simple thing as words on paper written from someone who cares can change the perspective of an entire day. That kind of support is rare in this world. But Central’s Deacons know how very, very important it is. It’s another way the Deacons strive to show Jesus’ love through words and actions. And snail mail. 

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