Embracing Challenges and Spreading Hope

What is a normal work day for Roberta Nagel, a Central supported missionary serving in a refugee camp in Lilongwe, Malawi? The answer is different each day.

One day, she buys sewing machines to be used by people in the Dzaleka Refugee Camp to give them a skill to generate income. On another day, Roberta helps an aid agency write a grant to get funding to build a suitable place to offer trauma counseling services to help people heal and move on with their lives.

YWAM (Youth With A Mission) Dzaleka is the ministry she officially serves. The focus is on the 50,000 refugees in the Dzaleka Refugee camp. Her ministries for those in the camp are varied. She leads a Bible study and disciples women. On other days she visits the disabled and encourages them from God’s Word, and provides for their needs when possible.

The cultural differences and language barriers add to the challenge of her work but she daily looks to the Holy Spirit for wisdom and guidance.
Roberta has a gift as a connector—she connects people with resources and information, but mostly people with other people. She is well-known and well-loved. Her love for the people of Malawi is evident as she pours her life into everyone she encounters.

The real answer to what a normal workday is like for Roberta is to love the people who feel lost. These people have fled one country to enter a refugee camp in a country where they are not welcome. She is there to advocate and serve them with the goal of knowing Christ and making him known to those God puts in her path.

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