Sharing God’s Love Through Home Communion

One of the things that Deacons do is arrange for home communion for those unable to come to church. As a new deacon, and considering our recent study and sermon series Faithful Presence, I figured this was a great way to exercise a couple of those disciplines in the close (or maybe dotted) circle.

I applied those disciplines last month when I took communion to a Central member who has been confined to a rehabilitation center for quite a while. I felt a little nervous because rehab centers (and medical facilities) are not my favorite places, and it has been a long time since I served home communion. I went at night and it was a bit of a drive out to the center, so that gave me time to stew in my apprehension.

I arrived at the center and, after a couple of tries, found the right entrance. The staff was friendly and showed me how to get to the right room. I entered the room and found a warm and familiar face—a person who had served actively at Central for many years.
He had watched the Ravens game, so we talked a bit about that. I then learned that he had been baptized at Central and was a long-time attendee. He told me a lot about his involvement at Central and about the history of the church, ranging from previous pastors to the various building programs. We also discussed his medical condition and prayer concerns.

After more than an hour flew by, I realized it was getting late and decided to get down to the business of serving communion. Initially, we joined in prayer before proceeding to navigate the steps of serving communion, with me awkwardly referring to the script for guidance. I struggled a bit to peel the wrapper off those little cups with the host on top, but I managed to give him the elements at the right times and without dropping anything on the floor. I apologized for my awkwardness, but he said I did great. I said goodbye and made my way home. I really felt we had been in the Lord’s presence during the visit and even on my way home. I look forward to opportunities to serve home communion in the future.

If you or someone you know wants home communion, or you’d like to try practicing this discipline, please contact the deacons at

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