Visitor Care

It’s not easy visiting a new church, even if you’re with someone who is a regular attender. It’s especially daunting if you have any kind of disability. The challenges of mobility are real and often not on the minds of those who are sure footed. 

Such was the situation of one grandma who was visiting Central Church with her family. It’s always nice to worship with your family, but today there was something special happening. Today was Picnic Day! What a treat to be able to picnic with family, and fellowship with new church friends. It was a perfect day for it, too! 

But unfortunately in the hustle and shuffle to get to church on time, grandma’s walker was left at home. Most likely, it wasn’t needed for short distances, like the car to sanctuary, or the sanctuary to the concourse. But then they weren’t counting on it being picnic day! The walk from the church to the picnic area covered several types of ground, pavement, curbs, slopes, and gravel. It was not something this grandma would be able to traverse on her own without her walker. She couldn’t go. 

Then someone brought up the Deacons’ Closet. A closet full of medical equipment to be loaned freely to those in need. It was perfect! Grandma was able to borrow a walker and attend the picnic with her family after all. When she was ready to leave she handed the walker back over to a Deacon who cleaned it up and made it ready for the next person. The Deacons’ Supply closet is another way to meet the needs of those around us, and show Christ’s love.