Welcoming Refugees to Our Community

Last January, I felt compelled to get involved with Welcome Corp. This new U.S. State Department initiative would allow private sponsorship groups to welcome and come alongside new refugees to help them resettle in our communities. Just a couple of weeks later, Roberta Nagel, a Central missionary in Malawi, shared about a family in the Dzaleka Refugee Camp that was in process with the UN but had been waiting for seven years. Roberta was hoping to raise a team from Central to help the family. It was clear to me that God was calling me to this opportunity.

It was clear to me that God was calling me to this opportunity.

-Robin Henderson

Within a few months, 10 Central members committed to be a private sponsorship group to raise the funds required for start-up expenses, assist them in finding housing, employment, and education, setting up medical care and benefits, transportation, and a plan to transition them to independence. All of us were thrilled to be able to participate directly in Roberta’s ministry in Malawi from right here in Baltimore.

Our application has been submitted, and we now wait for the family to be assigned for resettlement. Once accepted, there would still be a minimum of 6 to 24 months before the family would arrive.

Meanwhile, many of you donated furniture in the basement last summer. Since it will be months before they come, we have decided to use that collection to provide for another family through the International Rescue Committee. We have a good start, but we have an Amazon wish list where you can contribute specific items for this family. We will collect again for the family from Malawi as their arrival becomes imminent.

You can be involved by donating items from the wish list, specific furniture needs or gift cards, or assisting with the move-in when scheduled. Once the family from Malawi arrives, there will be many opportunities to befriend and come alongside them. Keep them in your prayers as the journey is long and hard, but they remain steadfast. There is still a significant need for additional private sponsorship groups to support additional refugee families.

If you’re interested in forming your own private sponsorship group and being matched with a refugee family, we would be happy to chat with you about these opportunities. 

Contact Robin at  justmikeandrobinh@yahoo.com to learn more or click the web posting below to get updates when there are needs.

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Refugee Welcome Team
The Refugee Welcome Team is dedicated to supporting refugee families as they resettle in our community.
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