Richard Ames-Ledbetter, son of a dedicated pastor, was raised in a wonderful community that nurtured the beginning of his faith journey. He earned a MDiv, served as a pastor doing urban ministry in a church in Baltimore City, earned a law degree, and clerked for a federal judge for 25 years. Since retirement, he has spent lots of hours caring for his now five grandchildren. He and his wife, Brenda have been at Central for much of the last 30 years. Richard has taught ACE, been Clerk of Session and served as Head of Staff the last time Central was without a pastor. His favorite ministry, however, was teaching a Bible survey class for high school students. He loves hiking, being in nature, and is active in his community association, the Green Towson Alliance, and makes it a goal to have a Random Conversation with a Stranger (RCS) every day. In all of this, he strives to explore and nurture the mysteries of faith with curiosity, humility, love, and trust.