Week 1 Prayer

Our awe-inspiring God, we are amazed at the extent of your love for us! It is beyond what our imaginations can hold. You have known us and loved us from before time began. And now you are doing everything in your power to make each one of us into the good and honorable person you had in your mind when you made us.
We confess that we often forget how much you love us and how lavishly you have blessed us. We live as if we depend on our own strength to be good and faithful and we know we could never be good enough on our own.
Bring to our minds your son, Jesus, who has made the way for us to become your own cherished children. Open our eyes to the presence of your Holy Spirit with us, closer than our own breath, assuring us that you have chosen us by name and giving us comfort, strength, wisdom and grace.
Help us believe the truth about you: that you, the Creator of everything define yourself by love.
And help us believe the truth about ourselves: that you, the God of Love, have chosen us to be your own unique handiwork and that you can make us into people who live in a way that would make others want to know you, too.
Help us to honor you with grateful hearts and with lives that show how much we know we are loved.
In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.