Week 1: “Having Eyes for Growth”

Sermon Bridge Theme:

Just like Peter made Jesus central to the story of Israel, to the end that people came to know Christ, as we make Jesus central to the story of our own lives, God works through us so that people come to know him.

Read Text: Mark 4:26-29

Discussion Questions

  1. Who is responsible for growth in this story? How much is the farmer involved?
  2. When in your own life have you experienced spiritual growth, and who was involved?  How was it like what Jesus describes here, or was it different?
  3. Take a look at the Five Thresholds.  Where would you put yourself?  How have you grown and moved through those thresholds in your own life?
  4. Think of someone you care about who doesn’t know Jesus…which threshold do you think they are in?


Take time to pray for those people and ask Jesus to be central in the work of growth and to use you as a “farmer.”

This Week

As you interact with the people you just prayed for, be aware any spiritual “seeds” or “seedlings” in your interactions with them. Do you notice trust issues, curiosity, openness or seeking? Notice your responses to them as well.