Week 2: “Growing as Trust-Builders”

Sermon Bridge Theme:

When we truly care for others without defensiveness or judgmentalism, real community becomes possible.

Read Text: John 4:1-26

Optional Video

Discussion Questions

  1. What do you think is most surprising about Jesus interaction with the woman at the well?
  2. How does Jesus build trust with the woman? How can we build trust with others?
  3. How did trust develop in a significant relationship in your life? What are ways that we break trust?
  4. In vs. 11-12, the woman at the well pushes back against Jesus. How does Jesus respond? How do you feel when people tell you what they dislike about Christians or the Bible? How can we avoid being defensive?


Take time to begin to create a prayer map of your relationships and pray for them.

This Week

What is one takeaway from our discussion about trust-building? What step you can take this week to build trust with those around you who don’t know God’s love?