Week 3: “Becoming Curious, Stoking Curiosity”

Sermon Bridge Theme:

Both Nicodemus and the beggar had set expectations about religion that was shaping their lives. Both Jesus and the church caught people’s attention by the surprising things they were doing that were outside of people’s expectations. We are called to live “curious” lives that make people ask questions.

Read Text: John 3:1-15

Optional Video

Discussion Questions

  1. What do you see in the text that indicates the reasons for Nicodemus’ curiosity about Jesus? How would you describe him: nervous, sincere, or something else? How do might we and others mask our curiosity today?
  2. What do Jesus answers tell us about how he views Nicodemus’ attitude? How does he move the conversation forward?
  3. Who is a person in your life that has made you curious in spiritual things? What did they do?
  4. How curious are you about others? What would need to be different in your life in order to stoke curiosity in others?


Take time to share prayer requests, and pray for one another by name, asking God to use each person this week.

This Week

Take time to review the thresholds thus far and develop your prayer map.  What would be 1 or 2 intriguing questions you could ask people this week?