Father, thank You for drawing us out of hopelessness and into Your kingdom, where we receive eternal forgiveness, acceptance, and purpose through Your Son. We belong to You, and You are making us whole, from the inside out. Open our eyes to see and rejoice in the transformation taking place within and around us.

Thank You for lifting us out of lonely self-service and including us in Your family, where we enjoy purposeful companionship, encouragement, and healing. Regardless of who we are or where we have been, You have joined us together for Your will and good pleasure. Now make us one in mission and love. Soften our hearts to not only accept, but to celebrate the God-image in each of our brothers and sisters. Give us the faith to fully embrace our unity, the courage to protect our unity, and the wisdom to enjoy the privileges of unity.

Father, we ask that the peace promised through Jesus and expressed through Your church would flood our homes, our neighborhoods, and our world.  We long to see wars end, prejudices stamped out, families reconciled, and people turned back to You. So do not let us pass over the words, Jesus is our peace, without thanking You.  May Your kingdom come and Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. For Your glory. Amen.