Week 4: “Being Open. Inviting Openness”

Sermon Bridge Theme:

Any kind of change always invites opposition and boldness. Sometimes a lack of boldness is at the same time a lack of openness.

Read Text: John 5:1-15

Optional Discussion Question: Which style that Doug mentions are you most comfortable with? Or is there another approach you tend to use in relationships?

Discussion Questions

  1. How does Jesus engage this man who is complacent? How is the man facing opposition that is both internal and external?
    Like the man by the pool, we all have areas of our lives where we may feel stuck. Can you think of a time when you were spiritually stuck?
  2. What helped you get unstuck? If you are currently stuck, How can we become more open to change in our personal lives?
  3. What were the risks that were taken in this passage? By Jesus? By the man? What risks remain at the end of the passage?
  4. What prevents you from being bold in your faith and relationships?


Take time to pray for God to open up your own heart for changes he might want to bring forth in your life.

This Week

Review prayer maps… who in your life might be open to change?  What role might you play in that this week?