Our God, we thank You that we are covered in your fingerprints, individually made just as You have designed us, and deeply loved by You to our core. We thank You for our diversity, many ideas, and the rainbow of colors that You have used to paint our lives together.

We ask You to help us stand together, to love each other like we mean it, and to become such a strong family of Jesus followers that the enemy cannot weaken us. Please help us to seek Your desires instead of our own, and to build each family member up, as we allow others to encourage and strengthen us.

Lord, we are thankful to know that we are not alone struggling to follow you in this world. Satan wants us to feel that way. But You made us to fit together as a strong support, gifted in a thousand ways when we come together; a blessing to others like a bouquet of many flowers.

Above all, use us to show the world how Your love conquers all. How You bring peace, patience, gentleness and caring into a conflict-loving, unforgiving, self-centered world. Let our lives shine brightly together to cast warmth into any frigid places we are.

We need You first, but we need each other next, and let us not forget that this week as we go about our day to day life. Thank You for our differences. Thank You even more that we belong to you. Amen.