Week 5: “Being Seekers, Helping Seekers”

Sermon Bridge Theme:

God uses his people to address needs, both spiritual and physical. This happens through the generosity of resources and attention. When a person is seeking Jesus, we are invited to pay attention to their need-or maybe their real need–and help them see it and how Jesus is the answer to it.

Read Text: Mark 10:46-52

Optional Video

Discussion Questions

  1. Bartimaeus may not be able to physically see, but he knows who Jesus is, and is calling out to him. What are some of the barriers Bartimaeus has in his way as he seeks Jesus? What are the barriers that people face today?
  2. Take a look at the story right above this one (vs 35-45); what’s similar and what’s different about the requests made to Jesus? Take a moment to ask yourself: what do you want Jesus to do for you?
  3. The crowds silenced Bartimaeus, what are ways that people silenced in their seeking today? What might Bartimaeus’ boldness look like today?
  4. How might we encourage someone who is seeking Jesus in their lives?


Prayer maps review and pray for next steps with the names God is pointing you to.

This Week

Are there people on your list whom you know are “seeking”? How can you help them in their “quest”?