Our God, we have a higher calling by your plan, and know that we are to be set apart.  But Lord, we often do not live in light of this calling. We feel pulled to the ease of living according to cultural convention and we make a habit of futile thinking. We feel too, the sting of teasing, the slight of being overlooked, and the feeling of loneliness when we do live differently. Remind us of Christ, fully God and fully man, and the example He gives us.

God, use us. Help us to show the world another kind of life, one walked through with our Savior, full of confidence and peace. Please forgive us when we are ashamed of who we ought to be, afraid to mirror Christ, and crippled by our fear of not fitting in.
Instead, let us walk in love, the kind of love you have shown to us.  Let us demonstrate loving our enemies, praying for those who hate us, and bearing with those whom frustrate our patience. Let us forgive instead of defending our boundaries.  Lord, your love is strong enough to change families, cities, and nations. Change us.

Give us strength to get comfortable with being uncomfortable, to show grace to those who judge and anger us, and to pray for those who don’t realize they need you. We all need you, Lord.
Thank you for giving us a chance to use our short lives to point others toward Jesus. This is why we are here; help us not forget this. Lead us each day to be fearless, prepared to show extra love to those around us, and ready with an answer to tell people why we live the way we do. Lord, help them ask. We love your world and long for you to bring your wholeness to it.

Holy God, as children of light, fill us with your Spirit, deepen our love for you and understanding of your will that our lives may sing thanks to God the Father of everything, in the name of our Lord, Jesus Christ. Amen.