Week 6: “Helping Friends Enter the Kingdom of God”

Sermon Bridge Theme:

In a relationship with Jesus and others, we are called to follow all the way through, not leaving anyone hanging. Sometimes we do this before a person enters into a relationship with Jesus, and sometimes we can do it after. As we follow Jesus we are called to follow him all the way into all that the kingdom means. At the personal level, letting Jesus be the center of our lives looks like entering the kingdom. At the community level, letting Jesus be the center of our lives looks like Acts 6: a diverse body results when we’re demonstrating and providing something about the character of God and this is compelling and attractive. People want to be a part of it!

Read Text: John 4:27-42

Optional Video

Discussion Questions

  1. This woman experiences great joy at being known by Jesus. Have you had the experience of entering into a relationship with him? How did that happen for you?
  2. The woman goes through a process of getting to know Jesus. So do the village members and disciples. Describe their journeys. What are we learning from John 4 about the process of conversion? What were the obstacles in their way that might have prevented them from moving through the thresholds?
  3. Contrast the responses of the woman with that of the disciples. Why do you think each reacts the way they did? Which do you find most closely resembles your own heart?
  4. Doug Schaupp says “The biggest barrier for many people in becoming followers of Jesus is that they are never invited and don’t know how to get started.” How would you invite someone to follow Jesus?

Wrap Up Prayer & Discussion

Review prayer maps. Over the course of the last few weeks, has anyone helped a friend move across a threshold? What have we learned about the process God uses to bring people into relationship with him? What do we want to investigate more deeply, or experience more often? What steps will we take to pursue those things?