Our Father,

Thank you for modeling to us how to be perfectly strong, and perfectly submissive. You have shown us, so we may learn. But this is not a skill that is prized in this world. To reign in strength, in order to lift up others, is uncommon. But you did not make us to be common. You made us to be set apart!

God, please bless our relationships. We lift up to you our families, marriages, parents, and all authorities. Help us to model Jesus to them. Teach us to love, respect, and honor them. Remind us to love and submit to each other when we are angry. And to not use our strength for our own selfish agendas.

Jesus, thank you for submitting to death on the cross for us. For loving us enough to allow God’s will to be done. Help us to live like you. To not waste our lives, but to make each day count. Let our relationships be pleasing to you.