Meet Pastor Jeremy

We are delighted to welcome our new Senior Pastor, Rev. Jeremy Sanderson, to Central! He will be starting his new role in late August. We are excited about the future at Central and look forward to the new opportunities and growth ahead. Please keep Jeremy and his family in your prayers as they navigate this significant transition.

What do you love
about being a pastor?

What do you like
to do for fun?

How is the Bible still relevant to help us understand life today?

Share a moment in ministry that meant a lot to you.

Who is one of your heroes in ministry?

A speed round of questions and “the most important question.”

The Congregational Meeting where Central voted Jeremy in as Senior Pastor.

On Sunday, May 19 the PNC formally annouce the Senior Pastor Nominee Rev Jeremy Sanderson.

Pastoral Nominating Committee Report

Check out the PNC report to learn about more about Jeremy, his family and the PNC’s thorough and faith-driven process in selecting the next Senior Pastor. Please continue to pray and God helps Central navigate this journey together.