April 24 | 12:15 pm | At Central in the Courtyard Room

For those who have struggled with anxiety, you know how useless it to command yourself to relax. To have someone else tell you to relax can be even worse!

People try all sorts of techniques to cope with anxiety; deep breathing, imagining a relaxing scene, carrying a “lucky charm”, or bringing a safety person with them to a stressful situation.

This workshop will help to decrease sensitivity to anxiety. We will enjoy a meal together, hear a talk from Janice and open up for conversation.

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Meet Janice

Janice works as a counselor and spiritual director. She has two master’s degrees, a Master of Science in Pastoral Counseling (Loyola University) and a Master of Divinity (Howard University). Her spiritual director training was out of a Benedictine Monastery in California called the Monastery of the Risen Christ.

She also has specialized training in a number of areas: counseling for generalized anxiety and anxiety disorders, grief counseling, spiritual direction, pre-marital counseling, and the enneagram personality assessment.